3 Best Health Hacks for the New Year

New year, new you… right? It’s almost the end of January here, are you lagging behind on your healthy changes you so excitedly made just weeks ago? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone – the gym parking lot is already starting to clear out!

You don’t have to give up on your dream of a healthier, happier you, though. Here are 3 of our easiest to follow health hacks for making small changes that lead to a big impact.

#1: Stop Sitting and Start Moving!

Our society today just isn’t built for those who want to get around. We sit in a chair at work for 8 hours, then we sit in our car on the way home… we sit at our table to eat dinner, and we sit at the couch until it’s time for bed. When do we move?

This new year, you should slap on the dry deodorant (seriously, it works like magic) and just move. Set a timer on your phone at work, and every hour you should get up and move around. Pace a few times in your office, do a lap around the conference room, do 10 squats… whatever!

When you go to the grocery store or mall, park as far away as you can. Make sure you’re always making an excuse to move, and you’re going to start noticing you might actually like it.

#2: Salad Instead of Fries, Please

Little diet changes can really impact your life. A side of fries can be hundreds of extra calories. A tablespoon of mayonnaise has 45 calories… the same amount as an orange. A whole orange!

Choose small, but significant, diet changes. Get that sandwich you’re craving, but without the mayo, add mustard for moisture (a tablespoon of regular brown mustard has just 10 calories),  and sub a side salad with a light vinaigrette for the fries.

You don’t have to always eat kale and juice carrots to be ‘healthy’. Small diet changes will go a long way.

#3: Try Meditation or Yoga

This is one thing you can do to get moving or more in tune with your body that won’t have you reaching for the dry deodorant, or immediately needing a showing. Meditation and yoga can help you feel more centered and relaxed, and both have real, scientific health benefits.

You don’t have to become a yogi or start wearing a robe. Ask your Alexa or another smart device for a 5-minute meditation session, and focus on just your breathing. There are thousands of YouTube videos on beginners yoga if you’re intimidated by a class, or you’re afraid others aren’t wearing dry deodorant and smelling a little ripe.

This new year should be about becoming your absolute best self. Are you making those steps?