How to Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free WITHOUT Chemicals

Information coming out of the round up lawsuit is absolutely terrifying to anyone who hates weeds and loves easy solutions. Roundup cancer is a real thing that people are experiencing right now, all because they trusted a chemical they purchased without a second thought.

Anyone that has maintained a lawn knows how much of a pain weeds can be, though. Avoiding roundup cancer is important, and who knows what else is lurking on those shelves?

Here are your top tips for removing weeds without using any harsh chemicals, and avoiding your own round up lawsuit situation.

Use the Proper Amount of Fertilizer

You might think that under-fertilizing your yard is going to help discourage weed growth, or over-fertilizing it will help your lawn grow lush enough to compete, but it’s actually more complicated than that.

Finding the right balance for your yard and grass type is tricky, but if you use too much, you’re encouraging the growth of weeds and crabgrass. Too little, and your yard isn’t going to be able to grow strong enough to suppress the weeds.

Make Your Own Weed Spray

Avoid the roundup cancer, and make your own all-natural weed spray to get into cracks and on the edges of your lawn.

There are two different options for you. You can use 1 oz of vodka with 2 cups of water, or mix 4 cups of horticultural vinegar and ¼ cup salt. Horticultural vinegar is much stronger than household vinegar, and can be purchased online or at a local greenhouse.

Add a squirt of dish soap to help the mixture stick to leaves, and you’ve got your own chemical-free weed spray.

Mulch Appropriately

If you like the look of it, using mulch can not only help your plants but kill your weeds! Mulch, wood chips, or compost will smother your weed system before it has a chance to grow, while keeping your soil more moist. It’s perfect for hot and humid environments, too.

Try Boiling Water

Finally, if you have those stubborn weeds in cracks in your driveway or sidewalk you can’t get out, put down the chemicals – and the round up lawsuit – and get a pot of boiling water.

Obviously, boiling water is going to kill your unwanted weeds immediately, and it only takes as long as boiling a big pot. Be generous with your pouring, and add a little bit of salt for extra toxicity. Sounds like spaghetti night, with an added bonus.