Where Are the Cities With the Most Dangerous Drivers?

Every town, city, and state swears they have the worst drivers. There’s nothing more enraging then a really bad ‘driving day’ – a trip around the city where it feels like every single driver is out to get you. Before you go finding a lawsuit lawyer and prepare yourself to sue, though, maybe consider that your area doesn’t have the worst drivers.

There are the top 3 cities in the US with the worst drivers. If you live in these cities, or around these areas, maybe you do need some good lawyer advice for the road.

How Are These Ranked?

Quick note! These are ranked by speeding violations, DUIs, number of crashes, and citations given out in a year period. This ranking looked at the data for 2019 to come up with the comprehensive list.

#3: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Known to be a family-friendly beach destination, you wouldn’t really think of getting a lawsuit lawyer on your summer vacation. As more and more people realize how nice the area is, the worse these numbers are going to get. It really is a lovely vacation spot!

#2: Boise, Idaho

Idaho? Really? It’s hard to believe that a city like this got the honor of the number two spot, but you better get some lawyer advice before driving through – especially at night, because what point this potato town over the top was the number of DUIs.

#1: Portland, Oregan

If you’re a native to Portland, you know that you’re probably going to be stuck in traffic on the I-5 at some point. So it might surprise you that Portland landed top of the list as having the worst drivers due to the crazy amount of speeding tickets they gave out. You might not need a lawsuit lawyer, but some lawyer advice for handling all those tickets could come in handy.